Exhibition by
Media Students

A yearlong project started from the open call for proposal, continuing via shortlisting to the final THE STORY OF SPACE 2017 festival and residency period in Panjim, India.


Students will start collecting the work for the festival during the residency period October 21 to November 21.

The space festival in November 10-19.

is a media art installation that imports Finnish silence into India, the busiest place in the world. Northern Shadows is a spatial symphony for a dark room, a water pool, a projector, motion-tracker Kinect and one or two participants.

The actions and shadows of the participant compose an interactive light painting. Layers of spaces come together with never-ending movement of the water combined with calm imagery of shores. Water is a combining element between Finland and Panjim, analogue and digital, visible and tactile and presence and memory.

This project was created by
Media students

  • Gautam Vishwanath , Game design
  • Laura Böök , Photography
  • Bryant Hoban , Sound design
  • Parvati Pillai , Visual Communication design
  • Régis Frias , New Media
  • Mercedes Said , New Media
  • Eero Tiainen , New Media


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